We at Dahlicious believe in building a better planet for future generations.  We are committed to continually forging ways of improving our manufacturing processes and procurement practices that are sustainable.  

Every cup of our almond milk yogurts contains organic Valencia dry-farmed almonds from Spain.  Irrigated agricultural crops, including almond trees, use somewhere between 70 to 80 percent of all developed water while dry-farmed crops have been developed over time to efficiently store moisture grown with drastically less water in dry regions.  Fans of this technique also claim that the roots absorb terroir, adding more of a complex, earthy flavor to a crop. Less water and more flavor sounds like a no brainer!

We use the whole almond!  Most almond milk producers crush almonds with water and filter out the pulp of the almond creating waste and leaving out good fiber.  At Dahlicious we don’t throw anything out, passing on the benefits to you, our consumers.