Welcome, Padma Lakshmi

Tomato with Mixed Berries

DAH!’s newest Lassi variety, crafted in partnership with Lakshmi and inspired by her New York Times bestselling children’s book “Tomatoes For Neela.” The savory, refreshing flavor of the tomato is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of fresh berries in this nutritious, probiotic-packed drinkable yogurt smoothie.

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"DAH!’s Lassi is special because it has more probiotics and less sugar than a lot of drinkable yogurts. I’m looking forward to sharing this with the American public because it’s something new for them. It can play a vital role in gut health, nutrition, in getting enough protein, and in being a great addition to our diet that’s just plain delicious.”  

- Padma Lakshmi

"We are beyond honored for Padma to join our team and bring along her wealth of food knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior. With Padma’s passion and partnership, we have no doubt that Lassi will soon be a household name.” 

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