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The cuisine of India is commonly recognized as one of the most complex, delicious, and nutritionally sophisticated in the world. Herbs, spices, and raw ingredients belong to an ancient system of traditions, and are used as much for their healing properties as they are for delightful satiation.


Indian cooks have known for thousands of years that slow-culturing yogurt is the best way to get delicious yogurt that is perfect for digestive health. At Dahlicious, we honor our traditions above all else and culture each batch of yogurt twice as long and at lower temperatures.

Modern yogurts are cultured quickly. Higher temperatures equal shorter production cycles. Time is money, after all. However, yogurt that is rushed is no different from a person who is rushed. Stress is stress, and its byproducts are unhealthful. One of those byproducts is a higher acidity, which is typically masked with added sugars.

Another byproduct of rushed production is a texture of lower integrity, because the proteins have not been given time to denature (relax) and form a smooth, sublimely creamy texture. If the texture of a rushed yogurt is a burlap sack, a slow-cultured yogurt has, relatively speaking, the tender hand of fine silk.


Indian foodways were naturally established millennia before modern pesticide technology appeared. At Dahlicious, we work only with organic ingredients, both in honor of the wisdom of those ancient traditions, and in recognition of the superior nutrition and flavor they produce. From our grass-fed dairy, to our sustainably-farmed nuts, and our impeccable fruits, we are certified 100% organic.