As one of the world’s top gourmet gurus, I feel compelled to ask what she thinks is next for culinary trends. “I think everybody right now is in love with things like miso paste, dashi, za’atar,” she says. “So my prediction is about using international ingredients in your cooking—which is the Bible I’ve been banging on for most of my 20-year career from my first cookbook to my Encyclopedia of Spices to Taste the Nation show. I think that trend will continue. I think you’ll see micro-spices and items from each culture become more and more prevalent in America’s kitchens.” Lakshmi also predicts that the Indian yogurt lassi will have a major moment—so much so that she became an investor in DAH! lassi. “As an Indian person, I’ve grown up with homemade yogurt and lassi all my life,” she says. “I think Indian yogurt is going to take America and beyond by storm in this decade because the way that we culture yogurt in India is a slower process,” she explains, noting that more probiotics are retained than any other drinkable yogurt on the market. “I like to enjoy it in the morning before a workout,” she says. “Or, if I do a really long workout after just to have a healthy snack and give myself more protein. I am pretty plant-based when I’m not filming, so getting that protein helps. And then also, because I’m eating so many strange things at Top Chef or even Taste the Nation, it feels really healthy to put all these probiotics back in my gut.”
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